Professional Development Programs at The Deering Estate

In-School Programs

At the Deering Estate, we strive to make our programs available to a wide variety of public, private and alternative home school visitors, but we understand that making a visit to our property is not always a possibility. For those who cannot find the time or funds to bring students to our park, we also offer outreaches that bring our programs right to your classroom or event.

Our outreaches provide a 1-hour interactive, hands-on program that includes all of the necessary materials as well as pre– and-post supplemental activities. Participants will get to experience a class just as it would be taught on property, in the convenience of your own school. Outreaches are very flexible and can be scheduled for the time that best fits your needs. If you are interested in booking an outreach for your class or school event (science nights, etc.), please give us a call at (305) 235-1668 ext 264.

Themes for outreach activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Scientific Method
  • Archaeology
  • Marine Biology
  • Ecology
Scientific Method
Animal Encounter