Hikes & Tours at The Deering Estate

Tour/Hike Options

House Tour

Our House Tour includes an in-depth exploration of the two historic homes on the Deering Estate property: the Stone House and the Richmond Cottage. Participants will be lead through the houses to discover each home’s unique past and historical contents, tying together the stories of Charles Deering and the early settlement of South Florida.

Scat & Track

The Deering Estate’s natural areas is home to many native animals, including otters, foxes, opossums, and more. While sightings during the day are rather difficult, scat and tracks left behind give us evidence of their presence. Participants will hike through the natural areas looking for animal scat and tracks, and will try to analyze which animal it belongs to by considering location, size, shape, and contents.

Natural Areas Hike

Deering Estate holds over 440 acres of Protected Natural Areas, with a diverse plant and animal population. On a Natural Areas Hike, participants will learn about native plants and animals as they make their way to the Cutler Burial Mound, a centuries-old significant Tequesta site and important archaeological site.

Mangrove Off-Trail Clean-Up/Hike

Participants will hike through the muddy mangrove trails, learning about the importance of mangrove forests while making their contribution to conservation efforts by collecting trash and reporting what was found.

** Participants will get muddy; please wear old sneakers and remember to bring bug spray.