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Exhibit Reception: GARDEN by Gustavo Matamoros and Robert Thiele

Apr 28 2024
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


16701 SW 72nd Avenue

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Palmetto Bay Fl 33157
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Opening reception for GARDEN by Gustavo Matamoros and Robert Thiele, Sunday, April 28th, from 3 pm to 5 pm in the Garden Room at the Richmond Cottage.

COST: Free with RSVP via

About the Artists:

GUSTAVO MATAMOROS is a renowned composer and sound artist recognized for his field recordings, composed improvisations, and acoustical activations of architectural environments, as well as for his leadership at the Subtropics Organization. Matamoros approaches sound as a living phenomenon, where every sound is an “Audible,” expressing the natural occurrences and unique characteristics of its source. Within his work, the Audible serves as a fundamental unit of meaning in the morphology of natural noise, unveiling the essence of its origins. Through the use of amplification, his installations seek to reveal hidden aspects of reality, animating architecture to make audible its otherwise concealed acoustical signatures. He has been living and working in Miami since 1979 and most recently received the 2023 Community Partner of the Year Award from Deering Estate.

ROBERT THIELE is an influential visual artist as well as an educator and curator. Working with simple geometric and organic shapes and forms, Thiele developed a lifelong exploration of the art of containment and covering. His sculptural paintings variously contain, reveal and conceal, recede and project. These objects house apertures that frequently blur whatever is veiled behind them, whether with the size and shape of the opening, with obscuring fabric or acrylic. His nuanced work employs spatial play within the individual artwork and in groupings of artworks. Thiele’s artworks are represented by the Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami.

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