Deering Estate Operations Update:

Outdoor Areas and select indoor areas of the Deering Estate, which include Deering Point, People’s Dock, North Addition Environmentally Endangered Lands, Main Estate Grounds, and Historic House Museums, are open per Executive Order 21-20  signed by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez.

As of October 1, 2020, the Historic House Museums are open for self-guided access between the hours of 10 am – 5pm. Staff-guided access of the museums will not be offered.  Daily staff-guided Nature Preserve Tours (12:30pm) have resumed, and are filled on a first-come, first- serve basis at a limited capacity. All guests, including Deering Estate Foundation members, must sign-up at the Main Gate before the tour begins. Both the Nature Preserve Tour and self-guided access to the museum are included with General Admission: $15 for adults & $7 for children (ages 4-14), free for Foundation Members.

Select programs, tours, and activities, may be reduced capacity or postponed, until further notice.

Amendment No. 2 to Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 20-20 updates requirements regarding the need to wear face coverings. Face coverings must still be worn in public settings but there are exceptions, including if a person is (1) stationary,  (2) outdoors, AND (3) a fixed physical barrier, marker, or obstruction exists to ensure a separation of not less than 10 feet between the stationary individual and all other persons. Masks are required for guests visiting any indoor and outdoor areas of Deering Estate. We encourage guests to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated during their passive recreation at the Deering Estate.

See or the “New Normal” page at

Deering Camp & Homeschool 

  1. What health and safety procedures are youth camps required to follow during COVID-19?
  2. Enhanced health screening and sanitizing procedures, social and soacial distancing, use of face coverings indoor and passive outdoor activities, use of cohort groups of no more than 10 campers and counselors, and no sharing of designated equipment, camp supplies, and campers’ personal supplies and spaces. Limited sharing with gloves and frequent disinfecting may be needed for some outdoor and recreational activities.
  3. Will I or my child be required to complete a health screening or be tested for COVID-19 prior to registering for camp?
  4. We understand your concerns. We will not require a health screening or COVID-19 test prior to camp start. We will conduct daily wellness checks on children at drop off including – checking the temperature of children and asking standardized CDC screening questions for adults regarding their children’s health. Children with a temperature > 100.4 or whose parent/caregiver answers “yes” to screening questions will not be permitted to register their child into any of our camps, and will be prevented from entering park facilities or the camp programs, unless their child has been cleared by a doctor, and written proof is presented as part of the screening process. Children who exhibit physical symptoms of an upper respiratory illness (coughing, sneezing, running nose, fatigue, amongst others) will be sent home, will not be permitted to attend the program that day and are highly recommended to be monitored according to CDC guidelines.
  5. What are your plans to clean and sanitize camps?
  6. Keeping camp areas clean is everyone’s responsibility. We have updated and enhanced park and camp program cleaning policies, which includes more frequent cleanings and disinfecting of highly used surfaces including tables, door handles, other surfaces, sports equipment and camp supplies, and other items used by campers. The public will be limited in their access of camp designated spaces, equipment and supplies used by campers. And, campers and employees are receiving regular training on best practices in personal hygiene in accordance to the CDC guidelines.
  7. Who is guiding your camp health and safety plans?
  8. Like many communities, advice and counsel is at the highest level. Camp program managers and Miami-Dade Parks Department leadership are receiving guidelines and instruction from the Mayor’s Task Force, which is comprised on health experts who liaison with the national and MDC Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as selected individuals from the medical, legal, safety, and insurance fields. This Task Force routinely reviews all elements of PROS Camp health and safety protocols as they pertain not only to camp, but to all our programs and operations. They are working diligently to provide our community and our parks with additional guidance specific to the program operations and the current COVID-19 situation.
  9. What are the limitations on group sizes for youth camps and who is included as a part of the group size?
  10. Following MDC Executive Order No. 20-21youth camps must limit group size to no more than 10 (children, counselors in training, and/or counselors). The group size requirement is for all camps — including sport camps, general camps, nature and accessibility camps — whether indoors or outdoors.
  11. Will everyone be REQUIRED to wear face coverings as part of the Camp program?
  12. Yes, with few exceptions. Campers and counselors will wear face coverings when indoors at all times and when transitioning between indoor and outdoor spaces. Face coverings can be removed when engaged in strenuous outdoor activities, when social distancing can be achieved, and when eating. Parents/Caregivers (and all persons in the vehicle) are asked to wear face coverings at all times when registering, dropping off and picking up your child from camp. We ask that everyone wear face coverings in parks in accordance with Order No. 20-21.
  13. What are the social distancing guidelines for camps?
  14. Individuals and groups must be spaced at least 6 feet apart during stationery and mobile activities.
  15. What are you doing to prevent someone from bringing COVID-19 into camp?
  16. First, individuals and families must monitor their personal health, family situation and not let anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been around anyone with COVID-19 symptoms attend camp. Per PROS policy, all employees and camp attendees receive an individual health questionnaire and symptom screening upon arrival to the camp site as part of daily check-in. These screenings apply to camp staff, participants, and adult leaders. Individuals who do not pass the a.m. daily screening will be sent home. Each site has completed a COVID-19 Emergency Readiness site Re-Opening Checklist that includes additional health and safety standards to help prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Use of face coverings, social distancing practices, enhanced cleaning schedules of activity spaces, restrooms, eating areas and supplies and equipment, and the use of cohort groups are best practices announced by the CDC and MDC to include in re-opening guidelines.
  17. What if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 among the children, staff, or families?
  18. In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive individual, prompt action defines the “inner circle” of a cohort group (those within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) as a “close contact” for contact tracing, isolation, and additional health monitoring. If a staff member or camper within a cohort groups is identified as having a potential or confirmed case of COVID-19, the individual will not be permitted to come to camp for work or as a participant. If a staff member or camper begins to show symptoms of an upper respiratory ailment, the individual will be isolated in a location previously identified as part of the camp’s communicable disease plan (CDP). Arrangements will be made for the staff member to return home or for additional medical evaluation. Confidentiality as well as prompt communication and care is important at the individual and contact tracing level. The individual staff member or camper will not be permitted to return to camp until they are cleared by a medical professional. Parents of campers in the cohort group will be notified at pick up that a staff member or camper was sent home because they showed symptoms of an upper respiratory ailment and asked to monitor their camper. It will be up to the parent’s discretion if they choose to have the child continue with the camp program. Refunds will be issued upon request. Sources and additional layers of “low-risk” contacts are identified in the “outer circles” of the cohort group interactions and may or may not include other camp groups. These groups will be notified as necessary, using the small group and cohort strategy. Contact tracing can be undertaken promptly by trained professionals and in coordination with local and state health resources, with isolation and health monitoring implemented expediently. In addition, employees are to follow all County HR protocols for care in accordance to CDC guidelines.

Wedding & Venue Rentals FAQ’s related to COVID-19

Q. Do you offer walkthroughs?

A. We are currently offering virtual tours so you can see the Estate from the comfort of your home.

Q. Will this affect the grounds or how things will look for my wedding?

A. Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to maintain the grounds and landscaped areas so it will look beautiful on your wedding day!

Refund Requests:

We understand that during these uncertain times you might be concerned on how the current events will affect your future wedding plans. At this time we anticipate Deering Estate to be operational in the fall of 2020 and moving forward. We will continue to monitor things as they evolve and maintain communication with those who may be effected. In the event Deering Estate will have to close and will not be able to host your wedding on its scheduled date, we will be happy to work with you to find alternative dates to host your special day.

Deering @ Home Virtual Series 

Follow Deering Estate on social media @DeeringEstate and join us for the “Deering @ Home” virtual series featuring the wonders of the Deering Estate where you can explore & learn about the history, events and people that shaped today’s Deering Estate from the comfort of your home. #DeeringatHome #BehindClosedDoors #VirtualDeering. You can also view videos here.

Questions? Contact Us Here!

The Florida Department of Health has a dedicated call center for COVID-19 questions and concerns. The phone number is 866-779-6121, or you can email [email protected].

Practicing basic hygiene such as washing your hands regularly with soap is the best way to stop the transmission of the virus. Please refer to the following materials for additional information on important prevention measures.

As a Miami-Dade County Park, the Deering Estate is an entity of Miami-Dade County and is strictly following all procedures and protocols as outlined through the Mayor’s office, which is providing real-time updates through its regular communication with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the Florida Department of Health.

We encourage you to review that information at

Individuals in Miami-Dade County who believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19 should call the Florida Department of Health at 305-324-2400. If traveling to a medical office or facility, call ahead.

For additional information regarding COVID-19, please click on the following links:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Handwashing Guidelines

Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19