Ten thousand years of history unfold in the half-hour documentary film, “On This Land, The Charles Deering Estate,” which premiered in 2017. Funded by the 100 Ladies of Deering, a philanthropic circle of The Deering Estate Foundation, written by author and preservationist Becky Roper Matkov, and produced by Emmy-Award-winning director Carl Kesser, the film has garnered numerous state and national awards and praise from the community. It is shown daily at the Deering Estate in the Richmond Cottage, has been aired on Public Television, has been screened at civic meetings, and currently appears online.

To reach a global audience, The Deering Estate Foundation’s 100 Ladies of Deering recently funded a Spanish language version of the film. The project was completed in time for The Deering Estate Foundation’s trip to Spain, where the film was officially presented in Sitges at the Palau de Maricel Museum, a property once owned by Charles Deering.

“We are delighted to now offer DVDs containing both English and Spanish versions, with optional closed captioning in each language,” says Becky Roper Matkov, president of The Deering Estate Foundation Board. “We hope this will be a valuable resource locally for school groups and Spanish-speaking visitors and will help broaden the recognition of the Deering Estate internationally.” Please contact our office at 305-235-1668, press 3, to purchase copies or schedule a screening of the film.