Discover The Arts at The Deering Estate

Local Partners

The Deering Estate Cultural Arts Team collaborates with local organizations and highlights special projects by our family of visual, literary, and performing residency artists.

Seasonally, at the Fall Fine Art and Deering Spring Contemporary exhibits, individual artists and teams create site-specific works in response to an annual theme and have included: National Water Dance, with over 200 simulcast partners; Fountainhead Residencies; The BakeHouse Art Complex; Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator; and The Junior League of Miami. Our partner GroveHouse Artists presents the Affair en Plein Air that invites artists to a two-day, juried outdoor painting event. Art and science films are screened with partners WPBT and the Upper Room Art Gallery.

With our local colleges and universities, we our incorporate curricula through internship-based learning. At Florida International University, we work with the Honors College, School of Arts and the Environment, History Department, and Music Department. At Miami Dade College, we work with the Art and Architecture faculty to build and design exhibits, such as The Black Artist Talk, and performances by Olujimi Dance Ensemble. And at University of Miami we work with Theatre Department conduct research at the Special Collections Libraries where Deering Estate ephemera is held.