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Furnishing Plan

Prior to the state of Florida’s purchase of the Deering Estate in 1985, the Deering family dispersed the original collections of furnishings, fine art, and books held at Cutler amongst themselves and to partner institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Today, a major effort is underway to refurnish the historic homes with original and period pieces that honor Charles and Marion Deering’s residence at the Estate from 1913-1927. This long-term process will reintroduce appropriate textiles, decorations, and artworks, informed by historic inventories and images of Charles’s summer residence, Maricel, in Spain.

Paramount to this curatorial process are our partners and sponsors, the Deering Estate Foundation, the 100 Ladies of Deering, the Miami Corporation, and our sister site, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.  Vizcaya, the home of Charles Deering’s younger half-brother James, was bequeathed to Charles’s daughters Barbara and Marion, after James’s death in 1925. Collection items include Charles Deering’s original headboard, and a 16th-century stained glass depiction of the Flight into Egypt.

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